Thursday, November 12, 2009

Stahlhammer - "Feind Hört Mit", Nuclear Blast, April 27 1999

Year: 1999
Label: Nuclear Blast
Format: full-length

1.Was Ist Das?(What is that) 1:01
2.Am Liebsten Von Hinten(Preferably from the rear) 3:36
3.Feind Hört Mit(Enemy Listens) 5:46
4.Der Mann Mit Dem Koks(The man with the coke) 5:02 (Falco Cover)
5.Herz Aus Stahl (Heart of steel) 3:44
6.Schlag Mich (Hit me) 4:28
7.Messerschmied (Knifesmith) 6:18
8.Jeanny 5:33 (Falco Cover)
9.Kein Schöner Land (None more beautiful country) 4:31
10.Strom Der Zeit (Current of time) 4:48
11.Supernova - 3:36

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